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Our professional team helps you with your project and guide you through the three key phases of writing, publishing and marketing your book.

We can save you $25,000 when you write your book!


Here’s the typical scenario we encounter with new authors…

I’ve had a book idea in my head for the past five years. I’ve been writing bits and pieces, but now I’m serious about devoting myself to this project.  How do I make my book a reality without breaking the bank?

Answer: There are three key steps when you decide to move forward and write your book. They are:




We’ve heard all the excuses! Do any of the following excuses sound familiar to you?

  • I can’t find the time.
  • The subject requires too much research.
  • I’m not a great writer; I’m not that talented.
  • I don’t have the focus or discipline to write every day.
  • It’s too expensive to publish a book.
  • I have writer’s block.
  • I’m a perfectionist and my work is not perfect.
  • I can’t find an editor, cover designer or artist to help me.
  • Writing doesn’t come easy to me.
  • Whenever I start to write my book I become overwhelmed, discouraged, so I quit.

The truth is, every successful author has experienced most of these symptoms. It’s part of the book writing process. The difference between you and a successful author is they overcame these issues. But how?

In most cases, they had a great publisher who believed in them and encouraged them to move forward and complete their book. At Blue Carriage Publishing Company, we understand that writing a book is hard work. That’s why we work closely with authors to help them create a fabulous book. We know how to coach and help authors overcome writer’s block, a lack of confidence or time restraints.

And, we can help you publish your book on time and within budget. We have the experience, resources and professional relationships to help you save $25,000 on your project! There’s no need to waste your hard-earned money on false starts, inexperienced editors and publishers. We have the connections you need to quickly take your project from start to finish.

At Blue Carriage Publishing Company, our editors are seasoned professionals. They will help you with your project and guide you through the three key phases of writing, publishing and marketing your book.

Also, our editors respect the fact that your book is your work. We understand there’s a sense of personal pride in what you write and create. So, we will help you tell your story and maintain the integrity of your work.

So, stop procrastinating! Contact us at so we can help you tell your story and get your book published on time and within budget.

Blue Carriage Publishing Company

We have the experience, resources and professional relationships to help you save $25,000 on your project!

Blue Carriage Publishing Provides the Following Services


When it comes to publishing, Blue Carriage Publishing Company understands that your creative works are an extension of you, the author.

This is why we work diligently to help you create a product you can be proud of.

Specifically, Blue Carriage Publishing Company helps its authors and clients achieve best-in-class results by providing services in the following key areas of publishing and marketing.

  • Creative Consulting / Coaching to help you formally conceptualize your book or creative work.
  • Book Cover Design – front, back and spine.
  • Book Layout and Design – Chapters, Pages and Index, for both print and most ebook distributors.
  • Upload to various ebook and print book distributors.
  • Graphic Design Requirements.
  • Market Assessment for Sales and Promotion.
  • Book Launch Campaigns for Amazon top placement.
  •  Book Order and Fulfillment through CreateSpace or other print distributors, depending on your needs.
  • Social Media and other Marketing / Book Launch avenues.

For more information on any of these services, please contact us by clicking on this link.

Why Choose Blue Carriage Publishing Company?

  1. We have the experience, so we can get your book to market quickly.
  2. You retain all rights, control and final decisions on your work.  You never have to worry about losing “your voice”.
  3.  The price is right.  We aren’t the cheapest publisher in town, but you will save a lot of money because we get it right the first time.
  4.  Blue Carriage Publishing has the personal touch.  You’ll work closely with one of our senior editors and staff through the completion of your project.  No getting passed around from person to person with us!
  5. The Blue Carriage Publishing Company Guarantee.  We guarantee your satisfaction through each step of the process.  Before we move to the next phase, your written approval is required, which ensures your satisfaction with each phase of the project.

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